London Bridge is Falling Down

I spent a few days last week in and around London. I tried to get into Wimbledon, but I was number 9253 in the queue so I didn’t quite make it in. I also ventured up to Beaconsfield(pronounced Bekensfield) to the former home of GK Chesterton who is probably my favorite author. I’ve spent quite a bit of time here at the YWAM base camp in Scotland too hanging out with the whole crew here. Today I’ll be heading to Edinburgh to check out some of the William Wallace monument areas and also see some of the Locations that Monty Python and the Holy Grail were filmed. Interesting terminology for you London’s subway is called “The Tube”


Here’s the last bit of my time in Ireland. I was in Cork for a couple days and then Doolin by the cliffs of Mohr for a day. Sorry no pictures of Belfast though I did see some of the protestant loyalist marchers gearing up by playing drum and flute for the celebration of the defeat of the Irish by William of Orange and symbolizes quite a bit of conflict and sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. By the way Terry if you ever get a chance to come to Ireland I think you’d really like the path from Doolin along the coast up to the Cliffs of Mohr. It follows right around the edge of the cliffs and has some awesome views to the cliffs which remind me of the Cliffs of Insanity on the Princess Bride.

And a couple from my first two days in Scotland. Which by the way is easy to enter illegally by the way of Ireland…which I have accidentally done. Better watch out for the bobbies.

Ireland…Take two

so somewhere in my infinite wisdom I thought “Hey walk around ireland that’s a good idea”…well it’s not. You sweat a ton cause your so stinking out of shape and then if you do find somewhere to pitch a tent there you are in a very small space…with no lack of your own BO. Then you walk all day to somewhere just to find out that both your guidebook and your map of Ireland are wrong and there’s not been a hostel there for a couple of years, so you grab a bite to eat and begin to head for the edge of town to sneak a camp spot when it starts raining. So now your wet and you stink. Heading back out of town the way you came you happen across a nice lawyer on his way to pickup his car and hearing your plight offers you a ride to the nearest hostel about twenty miles away. When my spirit was at it’s lowest God offered a lift…literally in a car:). This fellow was my best tour guide yet and proceeded to give me a thorough history of the area, even pointing out when we passed U2s manager’s place, you know the fifth member of the band:-). (he told me that, I wouldn’t have known). Then two days at glendalough which while being very pretty with the mountains and the lakes, thoroughly sucked. Then wouldn’t you know the 9:45bus back to civilization turned out to be a 4:30 bus, great right? Well not too wasted of a day I spent it in the enthralling book of Leviticus and let me say wow I’m glad I wasn’t jewish 2500 some years ago. Even though I did have that hillarious dream last winter about helping the macabees liberate/fight for the Jews.

Ireland is redeeming itself a bit tonight because I did find a much cooler hostel in Dublin than the first one I stayed at when I’d first arrived and I got some delicious Indian food in me after mostly eating the junk you get in gas stations while I was walking. Tomorrow think I’ll head to Cork and then belfast/the giants causeway. Then to Scotland! By the by does anyone have Gary and Bev’s or tim and amy’s contact info/address?

Sorry can’t upload any pictures yet all the inet PCs are locked down.

Farewell JHA

Since I didn’t have a chance to give everyone a proper goodbye today I’d like to invite anyone that I’ve worked with to eat lunch tomorrow at 11:30 at Acambaro’s in Monett. It has been a great privilege and a pleasure to work with everyone for almost the past seven years and I can’t imagine I’ll ever work with a better group of people. Words can’t express the enjoyment and fun I’ve had working with so many people. Thank you.

Cutting it close

Thankfully I just got back my visa for India Friday. They were extremely quick to approve my application and send everything back including my passport, which they had to stamp, so the quick turn around was really relieving.  I’m still waiting on my camera to show up after I sent it in a month ago to get repaired, but as of yet no word.  Needless to say I’m not a fan of Kodak’s support structure to fix a camera that’s less than a month old.  Other then that I’ve got just about everything else that I’ll need for the trip. This week I’ll load up the back pack and tie up any loose ends in preparation for the trip. I finished the book Worldwalk that a friend had recommended about another world traveler who was the first to walk all the way around the world solo back in 1984(with the exception of oceans). It took him four years and over 15,000 miles of walking, but he found as I hope to that there are good people even in the most remote places.  Such a big undertaking is truly daunting and exhilarating all at the same time and it’s easy to get overwhelmed if I think about it too much.  But I’m ready for the journey even though I’m uncertain exactly what adventures or mishaps may be before me.

My rough overview goes something like this. Ireland, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, and India. Thinking about possibly buying a Royal Enfield Motorcycle in India and then riding back west towards Scotland and England. Somewhere in there depending what I feel like it’s possible I may try to make it to New Zealand and Australia. Everything is still very much up in the air though and much past Ireland and France my plans are really subject to change at a moments notice.