Welcome to all things Scottish…

A bit of the Scottish Highland games from last year just outside of Fort Williams near Ben Nevis the tallest…hill in the UK.

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4th of July

And finally a clip from our Fourth of July. Kids don’t try this at home we’re trained idiots with no value for our own safety.

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We had a big cake called Ninjas of the Night that stopped after only a couple shots so we threw some black powder on it to tie it in with another one of our Comet Over America volleys. Well let’s just say we didn’t think through the fact that if we did that they’d all go off at once. Not one of my smarter moments and yes that is me that you can see running away.

[qt:http://travelingbeard.com/wp-content/uploads/Ninjasofthenight.mov http://travelingbeard.com/wp-content/uploads/ninja-poster.jpg 540 360]

A bunch of random things

A word about the new edition to my family. I flew out to Denver last Thursday to pick up my beautiful new baby Fiat. Well not exactly baby, she’s almost 37 years young. Actually I think her birthday from the manufacturer is coming up here shortly.  A 1972 Fiat 128 with a whooping 50Hp in an 1100cc motor with only 78,000 miles and those cool tires are 1971 MOMO magnesium 13″ rims…I think they’re probably worth more than the car. She was quite a trooper and made the slow drive across Kansas to Springfield in just a shade over 15 hours and it only took something like 7 Red Bulls to make it. Might I just add that’s a long stinking drive to drive straight through. Here’s a few pics when she first came home and a few after I got elbow deep into the dash to clean out wasps nests and misc crapola. I’ve already finished wiringup those cool Hella lights, replaced a rear strut, oil, plugs, fixed the window washer, removed pounds and pounds of wasp nests, and sadly removed the AM/FM radio with it’s 3watt sound speaker…yes the one speaker it had :) Here’s some shots of her and what she’ll eventually become and even a few youtube videos of a couple just like her in the field. Man doesn’t that throaty voice just make you fall in love.


Yes she even had a lead role in CHIPS during an episode.