It’s official…

that I’ve been playing Rallisport Challenge 2 way too much on Xbox lately and it is beginning to effect my driving habits. I’m alive one more day in no small part thanks to the Lord’s great graciousness. He doesn’t always save us from our stupidity, but I’m sure thankful for those extremely noticeable times that he does. I came around a corner after coming up over a crest going about 50 or 55 that goes into a pretty decent little right turn. As I started into the right turn it became pretty immediately apparent that my rate of entry was too fast and I was going to have to slow down to take the corner. So I put a a little bit of the brakes on at which point the rear tires lost grip and decided they wanted to switch places with the front tires and so came around to the left to do so. And now I was sliding to the left and backwards towards the trees which were formerly on my right. When I came to rest I was sitting in the same lane looking in the opposite direction with trees on my left instead of on my right where they were a few short seconds before. The neighbors in the area were probably wondering who on earth just died in a horrid car accident, but thankfully no one…this time.

He has some work for me to do and didn’t want to let me loose yet. And that I should probably be a bit more careful and hold off on the rally driving maneuvers until I’ve had a bit more track time and some tires with a bit more grip.

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