MuteMath Tulsa

Ventured down to Tulsa for another MuteMath show last Saturday with Kent and Robyn at Cain’s. I’d been to Cain’s before, but for some reason in my mind I had torn it down to a crappy old dancehall that wasn’t a very good venue. I guess I had some wires crossed because it was incredible. The crowd there was really into the show and really made the experience much more enjoyable then last week in KC. We were up pretty close and I managed to catch a stick and and after the show even talked for a bit with Vivian, the drummers mother that we used to go to church with years ago. So that’s a total of 6 times I’ve seen MuteMath now since sometime in 05.

1. Springfield Winter 05 @Remingtons w/ The Outlaw Sea. Vedera was a no show.
2. KC Spring 07 @The Granada w/ The Cinematics, SSLYBY, Club of The Sons
3. Tulsa Fall 07 @Cain’s w/ Eisley – met a really cool girl from ORU because of my curly Yukon Cornelious mustache
4. KC Fall 07 @The Granada w/ Eisley – My dad came to this one with me and it was a blast. I think it was right before thanksgiving.
5. KC Fall 09 @The Beaumont w/ Tall as Lions
6. Tulsa FAll 09 @Cains w/ Tall as Lions
7. Winter of 07 I met Darren King at a Bad sweater Christmas Party – Decemberloso – That my friend Sesha throws. He’s really a cool dude, very grounded, but also fun. Too bad didn’t run into he and Greg when I used to go to church at Cornerstone years ago.

If you’re interested and can find any information on the web check out the custom synthesizer they’ve dubbed The Atari or the Rhodes that Paul surfs atop.


Holy frijoles what a good concert. Darren ended up crowdsurfing on top of his bass drum and playing off the rafters. Maybe slightly less energy than the last tour, but still all around a great show. Now to see them again in a couple of weeks in Tulsa with Kent and Robyn.

Here’s a couple videos from the show. Sorry for the crappy audio, it was way overload for my camera. Click the pic to play.

[qt: 960 540]

[qt: 640 360]

30 dead racoons…

I’m pretty sure that I saw at least that many on my way up to Iowa two weekends ago to see Chris and Kim. Iowa is slowly winning some ground with me. The area that they’re in is much nicer then where they’d lived before. We had a great time hanging out and talking. They’re both enjoying the area and I think it’s going to be a great place for them both. They’re right in the middle of bunch of lakes and there’s lots of stuff to keep busy with. We took a bike ride, went to the pumpkin patch, had swedish pancakes, hung out around the fire and even took a trip to the magical land of Minnesota. I managed to shave off 15 to 30 minutes on the drive back home too…I should probably stop speeding. I don’t know what my deal is lately with that. Here’s some pics. Enjoy.