100 Acre Woods Rally

Here’s a quick taste of what my dad and I went to see this weekend around the Salem Missouri area. This was the second race on the national Rally America circuit. The 100 Acre Woods Rally 2010. We met people in from northern Iowa, Fayetteville Arkansas, Oklahoma City, Minnesota and a few people from Springfield. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more rally wannabe Subarus parked in one place. I had to work hard not to have all wheel drive envy in my measly two-wheel drive civic. The Polish guys during stage 5 whooping, hollering and blowing their air horns almost made this feel like a WRC event…almost. Besides the big dogs Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra and Kent Block; the highlight turned out to be an unlikely VW Beetle and an older Volvo. I’ll try and peice together some of our video and post it soon so you can get a better idea of the race and skill involved. But for now enjoy the photos.