I am a breathing time machine

Got back late, late, late last night from Columbia. Cutler and I went up to see The Avett Brothers play at the Missouri Theater. Since I’ve really only listened to their most recent album it was cool to hear a much wider selection of their music in the show. They may be a bit too country/bluegrassy for some, but when they played they had that theater jumping. I mentioned to Cutler that there was a noticeably strong scent of hippie musk in the air, highlighted even more so by the people a few rows down lighting up.(While that’s not unusual at some of the other shows or festivals I’ve been to, this was a very nice seated theater so that was way out of place) Throw in a great opening performance by Low Anthem and some crazy girls dancing in the aisles and you’ve got yourself a hippie folk stew going on. The sold out show lasted about an hour and 30 or an hour and 45. The one song they didn’t play that I’d really hoped to hear was Perfect Space, but they made up for it with the Roger Miller cover Where have all the average people gone. I will say that the fact that it takes longer to drive to Columbia than it does to KC really stinks.

They were recently featured on Austin City Limits too, but dang ACL removed the video. Sorry.