Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap

They’re doing a new Muppet movie! It looks like they’ve done well with casting because they’ve got Jason Segel and Amy Adams, which I think will fit just right with their cornball comedic abilities. The storyline is to be based around the premise of reviving the old Muppet Theater for another performance. I hope they can tap in to the old school Muppet humor and presentation to bring back a little bit of the feeling that I think was lost when Jim Henson passed away. Something akin to the old running gags and zany humor that used to be so well presented in the characters. They were funny, but not kidsy funny and not inappropriately adult funny either. Something else was there that didn’t bow down to trends or marketing. When they didn’t have to fit the latest style or the latest greatest hip fad, but were instead just genuine portrayals of our most beloved characters. Give us true and genuine any day and the comedy will take care of itself.
– No one can be really hilarious, but the serious man.- GKC
This doesn’t imply boring puppeteers or people that aren’t fun, but instead highlights the contrast between moments and allows for truly funny dialogue to shine through and stand on its own.

The options are limitless

Keep this on the down low, but tonight I came across the biggest loophole ever. I’m not sure if this is something that society can tolerate or the law will even allow. It may just be the biggest scandal of all time. When given the option to include a monogram on a shirt or really anything…you can put whatever you want. No one will dare stop you. On a shirt you have 16 characters to do with as you please. It could say any number of things.

Red Bearded Dude
Red Beard Pirate
Stolen Shirt
Capt. Kirk
chucks(the shoe)
H* VonVonaburger
Jack Pantalones

The options are endless. If I were into twitter this would be like the ultimate twitter, the super bowl of self expression in a compact format. Express yourself in 16 characters and then wear it emblazoned on your chest for all the world to see. Soon you may just run into a Mr. “30 Dead Racoons”, a senor “musicISawesome”, or a couple of gentlemen sharing the same shirt who go by the names “Mordecai & Rigby”. You just never know.