You can keep your picture perfect life. Keep your lies and see if I care. I’m not the one you’re fooling. Clean the outside of the cup and ignore the death you’re drinking. Oblivious to the blood on our hands. Go ahead and wipe that smudge from your face.

You tread your freedom underfoot and so bind yourself. Indulgence is your pleasure. Why should you restrain yourself. Dive in to the pool of destruction. You loathe the whitewashed, but your filth and pride are no better. Jaded? get over yourself. Despising naivety we have adopted our bastard ways.

A world dies outside, but we both ignore it and cling to our selfishness. Forgive us this heart of stone.

We bicker over who is more wrong. Fools. We all go down to the depths.

O’Hare O’Hare have my Starbucks gone?

So what would you do with a 5 hour layover in Chicago? Play Angry Birds, maybe watch a movie, go grab a bite to eat, or check your Facebook and update twitter? Well today my status updates/check-ins would have been something like this.

Checking in at E1
B14? – Bingo there’s a Starbucks
B5 was before B9
K4 Kato, watch out for Inspector Clouseau
G14; my first co-conspirator, that dude was rad
H1=Coolest peeps in Chicago
F9…disappeared, there’s not a Starbucks here.

What you say?

That I visited and took a picture at every single Starbucks in the O’Hare airport. BTW 5 of 15 is the official statistic which indicates that amazingly 1 out of 3 Starbucks employees are willing to be good sports and get their picture taken with a random bearded stranger in the Airport. Thanks to the few that were a part of my lunacy; you guys made my day! It would have been 16 total, but F9 is a dirty liar(there’s no Starbucks there). So here’s the photographic chronicles of my adventure w/ Starbucks in the O’Hare Airport. How many can you get your photo taken by during your next visit to the airport?

….maybe this’ll be the next planking ;)

Crapola, I found only too late there was an international wing with Terminal M. I have no idea how I missed it. I literally walked the entire length of the airport more than once.

Man I can't believe I missed out making it to the M wing terminal 5

Zelda Step

So I’m pretty new to dubstep in general. I’m not sure I even would have given it much of a chance had I not already been listening a bunch to Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack which is in a similar vein though I don’t think is technically dubstep. For those of you so new you don’t know what that is, hey no diggs I was there too, its a rhythmic, bass laden, electronicly derived music genre very popular with house music hipsters, DJs, and geeks. Anyways tonight I came across a remix that I especially loved because it evokes nostalgic memories of playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Nintendo for hours and talking about Zelda for hours, and thinking about Zelda for hours. I’m sure it’s a pretty unique niche of people that like both dubstep and zelda, but for those of us that do here’s the link for your ear holes to enjoy.

Another thing I’d like to praise is You can’t find a cooler music distribution website out there. Very artist centric and it allows for people to pay a minimum amount for music, but also makes it easy to pay more if you’d like to show your support for the artist. They basically have every digital music format available for download; both lossless(FLAC, AIFF & ALAC) and lossy(mp3,ogg,aac, maybe even wma). No one does that. So take a gander over there too sometime.