The Dark Horse won at Queen City Beard and Mustache Championship

I beard…a lot, but tonight I received the shock and joy of a beardtime(lifetime) when I won first place in the Queen City Beard and Mustache championship in the ‘full beard’ category. I really can’t believe it still because there were so many other incredible beards up in that category. There was a guy with a kilt and a massive Braveheart beard, a guy with a beard down to his belt line, a Dos XX guy too and dozens more with just straight up incredible beards. When I saw how many other entries there were in my field with much more impressive beards I wrote off the remote possibility that I’d even place and just hoped to have some fun. My Mom & Dad & my sister Cassie even came out to support and root me on. So I’d like to say thank you to all the other guys who entered, it was an honor to be among such great beards. Thank you to the judges for your kind ratings. Thanks to my family and friends for your support of my bearding. And thank you Lord for blessing me with this great beard.