Ruby Sue the Subaru

You’re doing what?

Yes exactly.

I’m driving a 31 year old Subaru Wagon literally half the way across the country, over mountain passes during snow season. Well at least I will be once Saturday gets here. My route is still to some degree entirely dependent on weather conditions, but I suppose that’s part of the adventure. I’m excited to visit Montana for the first time and Coeur d’Alene certainly has a cool name. I may just discover and be accepted into a tribal culture of sasquatch near Yellowstone never to return to civilization. I am to some degree prepared and have shipped out survival supplies ahead of me to keep in the car for the trip back. I’m planning on doing a bit of snowboarding maybe at Mt. Baker and definitely stopping for a latte in Kansas City on the way back. Since the Fiat is down and out until I can procur a garage and my Honda has left the stable here is what all the fuss is about.

Ruby Sue the Subaru

1981 Subaru GL Wagon 4×4. Also known as the cyclops model because of the center “passing” light hidden under the emblem of the Pleiades.

The beard is very nearly 1 year old and I’m pretty excited to stitch my weekly photos together and see what it looks like in a slide show of beard growth. It’s been pretty cool to see a few of the guys at work growing out their own very impressive beards.

JHA's own Duck Dynasty

Phil Tuten and Eli Barb with some impressive beards.