Band of Horses!

So I got tickets a few months ago to a Band of Horses concert out at the Orange Peel in Ashville, NC.  It’s about a twelve hour drive and I figured the open road would do me some good so I weaved in and out of the backroads and it ended up being more of a 14-16 hour drive over two days. I stopped over the first night in Elizabethtown, mainly because of the movie, to see what it was like. I got pulled over within 2 minutes of being in town because my license plate wasn’t illuminated, but the E-Town local fuzz was nice enough to let me go after they made sure I wasn’t up to no good. Tuesday I stopped through Bardstown which was actually much cooler of a place than Elizabethtown.  From there I headed across Kentucky towards Lexington and then eventually due south on Highway 25. A bit off the beaten path, but totally worth it. Got into Asheville at about 5:00 and just barely dodged the rain that poured down. Asheville is a very cool town and has about 75k people, a wicked awesome downtown area with a bunch of stuff to do down there and to top it off it was a cool 62 degrees when I got out of the show that night. I stayed in Bristol Tuesday night and then headed for Richmond on Wednesday to pick up my good friend Amy from the missions school she had just finished up in preparation to hit the shores of Indonesia. The drive up through Virginia was really pretty this time of the year and everything was covered in fog and  if it wasn’t foggy it was deep green. We hit the road after Amy’s commissioning service and then spent the night in Louisville with some friends of hers. I’ve been intrigued by Louisville for no apparent reason for quite some time and from what we saw it did not disappoint. One day I’ll be back there. We hit hwy64 on the way home and drove through Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and finally Missouri once again. All told a round trip of 2,300 miles. Yikes, that’s a lot of driving in four days.

Some shots from the show and maybe I’ll get some video up soon.

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