Book the First

“When I first met Belloc he remarked to the friend who introduced us that he was in low spirits. His low spirits were and are much more uproarious and enlivening than anybody else’s high spirits. He talked into the night; and left behind in it a glowing track of good things. When I have said that I mean things that are good, and certainly not merely bons mots, I have said all that can be said in the most serious aspect about the man who has made the greatest fight for good things of all the men of my time.”

I read this short passage by GKC the other day and it made me think; am I this sort of man? A man who at my low is still full of life and high spirits. This transition into married life is a lot to get used to. Especially for a person who up to this point has led a very separate life. One in which solitude could be enjoyed at any time. Long hours driving with just my thoughts. Riding my bike late at night through the darkened, silent streets. Adventures that may put me amongst other people, but still allow for the feeling of separateness or isolation. Time alone can definitely be tough, but being thrust into a life without any time alone can be downright brutal. Without that wilderness or alone time I start to feel light headed, overwhelmed and then eventually discouraged. It was at this point of discouragement when I read this passage. I determined at that moment that I don’t have to go down to the depths because I am not a dead man. I have been filled to the brim with life and life abundantly. I have drank from the rock that gives life. This is not a message of personal power or strength of will, just a reminder that I have been recalled to life.

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