Great Scott!

Tonight Ashlee and I had one of the most hilarious experiences I can remember. We went downtown for the movies in the park summer series where they had a free drive-in showing of Back to the Future. After the movie was over everyone was starting to pack up and head out. Since we weren’t in any rush we hadn’t packed up our blanket yet, but quite a few people had already left. Out of the blue a little boy, probably only 5 years old, walked up to us like he was going to say something. When he didn’t say anything I asked if he was looking for his parents. He didn’t reply, but proceeded to lay down on our pillow and blanket. I tried to ask him what his name was, what his mom’s name was, what color car they have, but his only replies were a sheepish, “I don’t know.” About two or three minutes had gone by at this point and I was trying to figure out how to find out some details from him so we could help. Ashlee looked around and noticed a guy that was hurriedly running back and forth franticly looking around where everyone had been sitting. She dashed off across the field to see if he was looking for this little boy. The sense of relief was apparent on his face and he carried off the little tyke to their car.  We laughed all the way home that we almost adopted a little boy tonight.

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