We made it

It’s not too many people that get to have their second honeymoon before they’ve been married for a year. Of course it’s not many people that break down in their 33 year old Subaru wagon in the middle of Nebraska, sell it on the spot and have their mother give them a ride home from their first honeymoon either. This trip was rather less eventful then the last attempt. We rented a Mazda from Thrifty that we’ve dubbed “Tiny Van” (must be said in the Fat Albert voice) and decided to revisit beautiful Kearney, Nebraska on the way. We stayed at the Ramada again, ate at Napolis again, and took pictures near the Sapp Bros where we broke down. Ashlee got to cross off two new states from her travel list and we finished the first audio book of Little House on the Prairie…don’t knock it guys it was actually pretty enjoyable to hear about frontier life. Now begins the most relaxing week of our entire life.

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