You’re doing what…again?

Yes exactly I’m doing it again. 2500+ miles in a worn out old Subaru.


This time I’ll be flying out to Reno to pick up an 82 GL wagon near Quincy California. I’ll never be able to quite replace RubySu, but for as cheap as I bought this car it’s a good start. She may not look like much, but it’s a California car so I don’t expect much/any rust beyond the rear panel. These old EA81’s are bullet proof….as long as the engine has not been rebuilt by a local unnamed race shop. With 180K on the clock ‘QuincyRoo’ has just begun her life. Dual range 4×4, cyclops headlight and plaid interior! I’ve even got a Weber carb still sitting in the garage for it along with plenty of interior bits and pieces.

The exciting part of the trip begins in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. I’ll be zig-zagging south and stopping along the way near San Francisco to pickup a windshield and hopefully seats and door cards for my Fiat 131 sedan. I’ve got salvage yards scoped out along the route that have old Subys in them just in case anything comes up or I want to scope them out for parts. I’ve ordered as many things as I can possibly think of that will help this old girl make it back to Missouri and thanks to RockAuto for a shade under $125. After a few days drive I’ll end up in San Diego for Cisco’s big education conference before I have to head back towards Missouri.

A while ago dad turned me on to the Roadkill show by Hot Rod magazine because it reminded him of some of my car adventures. So I’m going to take a camera and try to get enough video to put together a short fan tribute to the show. I’m calling it ‘Roadkillshow – The Import Trash Edition’. Mostly I’ll just be pleased if I can limp it home without it giving out. I’m more prepared mechanically these days than I’ve ever been, but this will still be a big accomplishment. I’ll keep everyone updated and who knows maybe I’ll see you on the road.


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