Route 66 Butterscotch Soda

Well, here we are again. A few years later and another trip to check out a Subaru in California. This time I’m headed to SoCal and I’ve lined up a few stops for the trip home on I-40 and RT66. I’ve got 1600+ miles to cover and 23+ hours of driving ahead of me before my feet are back on the Barbarossa. 

My plans are to check out

  • Wigwam Village #7 
  • Cool Springs Gas Station 
  • Barringer Meteorite Crater 
  • 66 Diner
  • Blue Swallow Motel 
  • Blue Hole of Santa Rosa
  • The CONOCO Tower Station and U-Drop Inn CafĂ©

I’ll be headed east in an 82 Subaru Wagon in less than 24 hours. Pictures to follow. 

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