Friday memories

I’ve listened to a lot of Sufjan over the years so it’s no surprise that at certain points his music triggers memories of past experiences. Today his song ‘Futile Devices’ took me back to a long drive that was a  particularly unique moment of serenity and peace. Lightening flashes danced in the distance, wind rushing by with the windows down, music cranked up and a friend along for the ride. Almost two hours of sitting, watching, and listening. Soaking in the air around us and the peace of a far away storm I don’t think we talked at all. What a haunting quiet to be accompanied by Sufjans soft words and melodies. A certain stillness in the midst of motion and noise. His album ministered to me more often than any other in the phase particular phase of life and any time I put it on now I’m transported in time. Tough, but filled with a depth that’s hard to explain. Although a lot of those times were filled with heaviness and upheaval, that’s not what is brought back when I reflect. What comes forward are these simple moments; in the car, my routine of falling asleep to the album on repeat, music accompanying my experiences and solace it provided. I wonder at all if this is similar to the peace brought to Saul when David would play his harp?

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