Dublin it is

I’ve got my ticket set for Dublin. When I finally leave Missouri I’ll be destined for the lovely Emerald Isle. How long I’ll be gone still depends on how much I can stretch my money, but roughly 300 days is what I should be able to last, but who knows maybe longer.[edit – maybe shorter too, it’s now looking to be only 120-150 days, but we’ll see] So if you want to say hey before I go then plan accordingly.

3 thoughts on “Dublin it is

  1. Eli: Don’t forget to ride the Camel – what a thrill!

    The pictures sure do look familiar…we have seen most of them…it will be a treat.

    Norway, Paris, and everywhere.

    Do you really read these comments? is there a way for us to receive a response from you on this?


  2. Eli: I just read in Rome, if you eat at the counter instead of sitting at a table, you can save as much as $15. Wow!

    Bakeries are a good place to get a good sandwich in any country.

    Bon Voyage. Grandma

  3. Hey Eli! Your dad shared your URL with me on FaceBook. YAY! I’d heard you were abroad but had no idea for such a wonderful trip! I’ll be taking my time and reading your journey now that I’ve found you. But for now, it’s close to midnight on September 16th and I’m ready for bed.

    Wow – you are living so many people’s dream! Why does that not surprise me?! :)

    Love you!

    Blessings in Him~


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