I think I can see my house from here or Wow what a view

So here’s an idea of what some of my scenery will be like for the next year. Don’t be too jealous I’ll also be washing my clothes in the sink.

3 thoughts on “I think I can see my house from here or Wow what a view

  1. Off into the wild blue yonder!!!

    Since you are in Ireland, go to Scotland…you are part Scottish from your Grandpa Black.
    Montessa told me about your website. I’m assuming you will have your trusty laptop and can e-mail all of us at home and we can be in contact with you. Hope you don’t have to pay for hookups to the USA or you may not be able to afford e-mail…have you looked into that yet?

    Glad you are going to NY with Mike and the boys…It will be great for all of you.

    Wish I could see you before you go, but I know we can’t drive over there…it not only makes us pretty tired, but we are up to our ears in trying to get the nursing home that was in the flood up and running. Jack is pres of the board and I am doing, with another fellow, all the decorating, furnishings and equiping down to the last washcloth and sheet on the bed…quite an undertaking.

    Sorry, not to get a last hug before you take off and not even get to see you at Christmas. If you have an evening or a Saturday, come over even if only for a couple of hours. Just call to see if we have a meeting, or something before you make the trip.

    Love you heaps and heaps. You are going to come home a different person than when you leave…so many experiences. Just stay clear of the terrorist areas. I’ll keep you in my prayers and hope we are still kicking when you get back.

    Lots of love.


  2. I also wish I could see you off, but I’m stuck in Allen with CALEB. :)

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