Yugo Humor

A car this legendary doesn’t require anything to bolster its legacy and fasten its place in history, but so the automotive history books aren’t entirely filled with sorrow and lamentation when they speak about the Yugo, here are a few jokes.

Why is the Yugo’s rear window heated?
To keep your hands warm in the winter while you push it.

How do you double the value of a Yugo?
Put a gallon of milk in the back seat.

What takes up the last six pages of the Yugo users’ manual?
The train and bus timetables.

What do you call a Yugo with a flat tire?

What do you call a Yugo with brakes?

What is the sport package for a Yugo?
A pair of Nike shoes.

What do you call a Yugo with twin exhausts?
A wheelbarrow

Why don’t Yugos sustain much damage in a front-end collision?
The tow truck takes most of the impact.

How do you get a Yugo to accelerate to 60Mph?
Push it off a cliff.

What do you call the shock absorbers inside a Yugo?

The Oakland Police captured two men in their Yugo last night. The men are being held as suspects in the city’s first push-by shooting.

A man walks into an auto parts store and says, “I’ll take a gas cap for a Yugo.”
“Sounds like a fair trade”, says the counter worker.

Definition of an optimist: A Yugo owner with a radar detector.

Why don’t Yugo owners carry a map?
They never get far enough to get lost.

What do you do if your Yugo goes through a swarm of killer bees?
Stop pushing and take refuge in the car.

What is the difference between a golf ball and a Yugo?
You can drive a golf ball 200 yards.

How do you turbocharge a Yugo?
Roll down the window, turn your head towards the rear and sneeze.

A guy driving a Yugo pulled up to a stoplight next to a Rolls Royce. He rolled down his window and shouted to the driver of the Rolls. “Hey, buddy, that’s a nice car. You got a phone in your Rolls? I’ve got a phone in my Yugo!”

The driver of the Rolls looked over and said snobbishly, “Yes, I have a phone.”

The driver of the Yugo said, “That’s great man! Hey, you got a TV in there? You know, I got a TV in the back seat of my Yugo!”

The driver of the Rolls, quite irritated by now, replied, “Of course, I have a television. A Rolls Royce is the finest luxury car in the world!”

The driver of the Yugo said, “Yes, a very cool car! Hey, you got a bed in there? I got a bed in the back of my Yugo!”

The driver of the Rolls, upset that he did not have a bed, sped away and went straight to the dealer, where he promptly ordered a bed to be installed in the back of his Rolls Royce. The next morning, he returned to pick up his car, and the bed looked superb. It came complete with silk sheets and a brass-trimmed headboard. It was clearly a bed fit for a Rolls-Royce. So the driver of the Rolls began searching for the Yugo. He drove around all day and finally found the Yugo late that night. It was parked, with all the windows fogged up from the inside. He got out and knocked on the window of the Yugo. When there wasn’t any answer, he continued knocking and knocking until finally, the owner of the Yugo lowered the window, and stuck his soaking wet head out. “I now have a bed in the back of my Rolls-Royce,” the driver of the Rolls stated arrogantly.

The driver of the Yugo looked at him narrowly and said, “You got me out of the shower to tell me THIS?!?!

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  1. Ha! I love Yugos. I was really drawn to them from the movie Drowning Mona where the whole town was issued Yugos to test drive from the manufacture. I researched them because they reminded me so much of my Chevette, which also has a bad wrap. So these jokes are pretty funny to me.

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