Farewell JHA

Since I didn’t have a chance to give everyone a proper goodbye today I’d like to invite anyone that I’ve worked with to eat lunch tomorrow at 11:30 at Acambaro’s in Monett. It has been a great privilege and a pleasure to work with everyone for almost the past seven years and I can’t imagine I’ll ever work with a better group of people. Words can’t express the enjoyment and fun I’ve had working with so many people. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “Farewell JHA

  1. Eli,

    Good luck in your travels, its been awesome working with you. I wish you the best and safe travels.

    James Snarey

  2. Dude, love the site, it’s sooo you! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and can’t think of a better guy to set off… You never know what may happen when you go out your front door….
    Vaya Con Dios

  3. Eli, You will be missed here at work, “There are many people we meet at work, but few become friends.”
    Good Luck in your travels “New roads to travel, new promises to fulfill, new dreams to dream…”
    In all your efforts, God is there to keep you safe within His care.

    God Bless You,
    Diana Cope

  4. Eli,

    I regret that I won’t be able to make it to Acambaro as I’m flying down to the Allen office in the morning. Good luck, I’ve really enjoyed working with you the past several years, hope to see you again sometime.

    Slán leat


  5. Eli

    I hope you have a safe & memorable journey. Take care and I look forward to your return along with all of your stories.


  6. Electric Babies,

    I am here in Monett this week for training so I will be there for lunch tomorrow. Remind me to talk to you about someone I met Sunday that knew you.

    Looking forward to it.

    DW (you know)

  7. Eli, take care in your travels. May you always have fair winds and following seas.

    Wish I could see you off, but I’m stuck in Allen with Dustin. ;p


  8. I’d see you off but I’m stuck in Allen with Caleb. ;)

  9. Sounds like one of the coolest things ever, the stuff of movies. Enjoy, be safe, and don’t stop writing notes all over yourself, even if you get caught in the rain. ;-)

  10. I heard you were heading out. Enjoyed working with you. be safe and have fun!

  11. Best of luck, broheim! I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear (read?) the stories. Godspeed!

  12. I’m glad we got a chance to send you off. Safe trip and update your page as much as you can. Can’t wait to see your perspective on the world. It was good to have the opportunity to know you and work with you.

  13. I hate that I missed getting to wish you well in your excursion –but I will surely see you again…I will make it a point too. Every one of us are jealous and will vicariously live through you so, post info when you get time and take in everything. I wish you well and stay true to yourself and strong in who you are because you are one of the most genuine people I know.

  14. Hey Eli,
    I had left for India when you were starting your adventure. But please do let me know if I could be of help in India (not all but atleast in Southern Part where I still have some some familiar people willing to help out) :) and good luck!!

  15. Eli — What a wonderous thing to do! Everyone is right – we are so jealous. Be safe and most importantly – have FUN! Find fun in all that you do and laugh at least once a day – it makes you live longer. I will send prayers that God keep you safe and warm. He will give you the tools and I’m sure you’re smart enought what they will be. And as Garth Brooks says..enjoy the Dance! Godspeed.


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