Neew yoork city

Two words -flipping hot! Holy cow mamacita I’ve never sweat so much in my life. Mom, made it to the terminal. Everyone else more updates to follow

7 thoughts on “Neew yoork city

  1. Thanks for the post. You know me too well Eli. It was just what I needed to see last night. In Dublin now, WOW! I can picture you and Jesus walking throughout Ireland, have a great time! Love, Mom

  2. Ireland is a beautiful place and you are going to love it! Have a great time and be safe!

  3. Awesome!- I’ve been checking the post almost everyday. Getting my Wife and daughter ready for a trip to El Salvador. Did you get your camera back. I hope so. I am looking forward to lots of photos of places that I probably won’t ever go.

  4. In the words of a Mr.Dynamite, “Lucky”

    Have fun! Travel safe!

  5. Bud!! So excited for you!! Your pirate pictures are online:) Go to convey and type in “pirates”

    Embrace everybit of it…the good & the bad.

  6. Well, it has been decided. You J5 comrades will be toasting their “Capt’n Eli’s Root Beer” beverages today at 4 PM in honor of your trip and safe travel. Have a great time!

  7. Neew Yoork City??? Isn’t that where Pace Picante Sauce comes from???

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