Ireland…Take two

so somewhere in my infinite wisdom I thought “Hey walk around ireland that’s a good idea”…well it’s not. You sweat a ton cause your so stinking out of shape and then if you do find somewhere to pitch a tent there you are in a very small space…with no lack of your own BO. Then you walk all day to somewhere just to find out that both your guidebook and your map of Ireland are wrong and there’s not been a hostel there for a couple of years, so you grab a bite to eat and begin to head for the edge of town to sneak a camp spot when it starts raining. So now your wet and you stink. Heading back out of town the way you came you happen across a nice lawyer on his way to pickup his car and hearing your plight offers you a ride to the nearest hostel about twenty miles away. When my spirit was at it’s lowest God offered a lift…literally in a car:). This fellow was my best tour guide yet and proceeded to give me a thorough history of the area, even pointing out when we passed U2s manager’s place, you know the fifth member of the band:-). (he told me that, I wouldn’t have known). Then two days at glendalough which while being very pretty with the mountains and the lakes, thoroughly sucked. Then wouldn’t you know the 9:45bus back to civilization turned out to be a 4:30 bus, great right? Well not too wasted of a day I spent it in the enthralling book of Leviticus and let me say wow I’m glad I wasn’t jewish 2500 some years ago. Even though I did have that hillarious dream last winter about helping the macabees liberate/fight for the Jews.

Ireland is redeeming itself a bit tonight because I did find a much cooler hostel in Dublin than the first one I stayed at when I’d first arrived and I got some delicious Indian food in me after mostly eating the junk you get in gas stations while I was walking. Tomorrow think I’ll head to Cork and then belfast/the giants causeway. Then to Scotland! By the by does anyone have Gary and Bev’s or tim and amy’s contact info/address?

Sorry can’t upload any pictures yet all the inet PCs are locked down.

13 thoughts on “Ireland…Take two

  1. Eli:
    When you start at the bottom, it only gets better! Thank heavens for lawyers – most people don’t think they are so great.

    Hang in there. Life is like roses…they look beautiful, smell great, but they have those blasted thorns!

    Keep walking and you will get in shape. We love you and keep you in our prayers. There will be fun ahead and a lot of education.

    Grandma and Grandpa Jack

  2. It’s great to see your post. What an awesome birthday present! God will continue to send refreshing from some surprising places. Dad

  3. Hey, well at least you have some great stories and at least I didn’t have to sit next to you in the car. Keep plugging away. We love you, Tess

  4. Well that’s the beauty of an adventure! It’s not always the what you think it will be, but when you look back to what you accomplished and the experiences you had, it will be one best things you have ever done.

    Glad to hear that you getting to know some of the people of Ireland, it’s a very redeeming quality. Just know that you have a lot of family and friends who love you and that are praying for you! Give Gary and Bev a big hug for me!

  5. Well written. Sounds like an exciting and tiring adventure. I know you wouldn’t rather be anywhere else right now, though. You might have to start writing a book just to be able to keep up with the experiences you’re having. Stay safe!

  6. Did I read that right? You read Leviticus to pass time? You know how to party:) It’s good to see you’re already getting some “real” experiences. Like others have said, these will all be good stories later. If you haven’t already seen the pics are up on the house church facebook page from your last night there. You definitely need to check them out. Hope to read more soon! Love ya man!

  7. yea wooo Leviticus you know I know how to party! I’d be great to start a conversation with, “So I was reading I Leviticus the other day…”

  8. Hi Eli,
    You’ll become so accustomed to your own BO that you will not even notice. At least that’s what I tell myself every day after my afternoon run, and come back to my cube. I only hope the guys in my department haven’t noticed questionable BO! I’m glad you are safe, and continuing on in good spirit. I can’t wait to see some pictures!!

  9. A lawyer gave you a ride? For free?? Dude, he thought you were a Leprechaun. He was probably just after your Lucky Charms. BTW, if you see Bono, tell him I said “Hi”. PS: Watch were you step. :-)

  10. Eli:
    Thank heavens for medicine in a tube and a band aid! Sounds good now! Grandma

  11. Hmm…..that sounds like most of our trips together with JHA. :) Keep your spirits up man, it could be worse. You could be here in MISSOURI sweating and stinking like me, I’d take Ireland any day. :p Keep on keepin’ on!

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