Pictures at Last!

Had a pretty cool tour through Cork today on an open top bus and got to visit Blarney castle. It’s a very nice area. The castle was a bit too busy to go up to the top, but I did visit the Dungeon cave. Mom I got your mail today from the post office thanks. And now I’ll leave you guys with pictures since I don’t have much else to say.


New York


10 thoughts on “Pictures at Last!

  1. My favorite son Eli, Glad to see both posts from Ireland, well except for the toe which you know how I had to call Dad home from work to deal with skinned knees when you were just a little leprechaun. I’m still cringing wondering how long it will take that to heal.
    Maybe someday you will have your own book, Bearded Men of the World (and women if you include all of house church)
    Some beautiful sights already, but my favorite is the road which tells it all–that you take the Road Less Traveled.
    There’s no place like Leviticus to help you see how extremely Holy our God is! I used to just think of it as crazy rules, but if the Jews were required to follow such extreme physical laws, how much more does 2 Peter 3:11 speak to us to be holy in every thought, attitude, word and action, to honor and not profane the name of our God.
    Eager to see more sights through your camera and hear more stories.
    Love, your favorite Mom

  2. Awesome dude!!!

    Glad we can see though your… camera =D

    I nearly fell over in my chair laughing from the picture with the “?” and the Kentfield pic.

    Keep having a good time!

  3. Okay, the medical professional in me is making me urge you to take very good care of your blister so that it doesn’t get infected. I’m sure you probably realize that, but what kind of nurse would I make if I didn’t look out for people?

  4. Fantastic pictures. You seem to be having quite the adventure already.

    Stay safe.

  5. Elec. Babes,

    Loved the photos. My favorite one is the toe photo. You must include a photo from a different mangled bloody body part for each post. Hang in there and don’t worry about the BO too much. I hear the cowboys in the wild west got used to it (so did the women) and you will to. P.S. Also include any photos of bearded women that you may run into over there that your mom eluded to earlier.
    Keep it Real!

  6. Great to see you are making progress. Yes, talking about traveling ususally is a whole lot more exciting than the process. Nontheless, kindness of strangers, new sights and sounds and some good indian food in Dublin should set you right.
    Excited to see what Scotland holds for you and thanks for the pictures and comments.
    t’was a mere flesh wound!!!

  7. It was a 1-Up! Go back and get it! Also, maybe some Dr.Scholls. OUCH! I guess in Ireland they’re called Dr. MacScholls. Amazing pictures. Your camera was worth the jack. Well done! Play on! Be safe!

  8. So I rebooted my laptop lastnight and it popped up with “Windows XP Professional Registered to: Giant Dork”
    Good times. Good times.

  9. Eli – The photo of your poor wounded toe gives a whole new meaning to the word “pulp”. I can’t wait to hear and read of your future adventures!

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