Here’s the last bit of my time in Ireland. I was in Cork for a couple days and then Doolin by the cliffs of Mohr for a day. Sorry no pictures of Belfast though I did see some of the protestant loyalist marchers gearing up by playing drum and flute for the celebration of the defeat of the Irish by William of Orange and symbolizes quite a bit of conflict and sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. By the way Terry if you ever get a chance to come to Ireland I think you’d really like the path from Doolin along the coast up to the Cliffs of Mohr. It follows right around the edge of the cliffs and has some awesome views to the cliffs which remind me of the Cliffs of Insanity on the Princess Bride.

And a couple from my first two days in Scotland. Which by the way is easy to enter illegally by the way of Ireland…which I have accidentally done. Better watch out for the bobbies.

11 thoughts on “Mohair?

  1. Awesome man! Looks like you are having a terrific time! Love the pictures!

    Ahh Lt. Warf… how I miss thee. That picture made me laugh so much. Keep on ‘Trekkin’! =)

  2. Awesome pictures! And now I know you are man after my own heart! (Dexter’s Lab) I’m just thinking that Dustin’s “four winds” must have reached the Irish. Poor souls… Keep shooting those pictures and I’ll keep on enjoying them! Stay safe.

  3. Remember–if it’s not Scotish—–It’s —well Mike Meyers put it so poetically—crap!
    Love ya–Dadeeeooo

  4. I see you’re still using your “Palm Pilot.” (I see tiny scribbles in the picture where you’re measuring the clifts.) Ha!

  5. great shots eli… i hope you catch a tennis ball from someone famous today!

  6. Hey, Christy (Breeden) Tree here. I heard about your travels through Jarod F. I will enjoy seeing your photos and hearing your stories on here since this is probably as close to a world trip as I will get. I hope you don’t mind me dropping in every now and then. I also hope you enjoy every minute of your awesome adventure! You will definitely be on my prayer list as you walk the land!

    P.S. We added a baby boy to our family at the end of March and named him Eli. We thought that was such a cool name. :)

  7. Remember us? The original Jesus Freaks from Neodesha (I (Roxie) was a Yankee spy!) Thank you for letting us spend time with your mom and dad prior to your departure of a lifetime! About Wharf-the sign is propraganda from the Irish leprecauns just because Wharf is huge. Remember Aslan isn’t safe-but he’s good!

  8. I’m SO happy for you Eli. It looks like you’re having a blast. Chris and I will miss you like crazy while you’re gone, but we are so glad you’re having this wild adventure. I can’t wait to hear what you’re up to next.

  9. Eli: The toe must be better since you are traveling. Glad you are in Scotland…I believe a glorious place of your ancestors. Glad you are safe!

    Grandma & Grandpa Jack

  10. The cliffs were my favorite site when I was in Ireland. What sticks out in my mind was how there was basically no railing or protection at all. It was truly advance at your own risk.

  11. yeah since then they’ve actually added a wall so you can’t go all the way to the edge. something about having too many people get blown over.

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