10 acres of quiet contemplation

This summer I bought 10 acres on FR 45 between FR 120 and 116 just west of Bois D’Arc. For anyone curious the French translation of the name Bois d’Arc is “wood of the bow”. Bois D’Arc also known as the Osage Orange is one of the best woods for making a long bow.

Now that I have some land I’m one step closer to being able to start on a number of things I’ve really wanted to for a while. Building a house, keeping bees, restoring my Fiats, having ducks, getting a dog and maybe a cat, keeping goats, shooting guns in the woods, chopping stuff, burning stuff. I’m very interested in learning any sort of woodsman, frontier kind of skills that helps you live off the land without modern technology or at least with less of it. I want my life to slow down and not speed up. We’ve created all these methods of increasing our work output, but we’ve completely missed the physical and psychological benefit that the work provided. Ask any kid and he’ll tell you about the first tree he chopped down with his own two hands and an axe or a machete. I probably spent 3 hours when I was in elementary school over at Jeff Rice’s house chopping down a tree in the woods, but it was awesome! My nephew Cael just had a similar experience cutting down his first tree at my property. There’s something gritty and good about outdoor labor without the sound of machines. Maybe I’m sick and twisted, but I really enjoy using my scythe to cut grass out in the field and I have no intention of getting a mower. Working by the sweat of your brow not for any person or a paycheck, but for yourself is an awesome feeling.

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