O’Hare O’Hare have my Starbucks gone?

So what would you do with a 5 hour layover in Chicago? Play Angry Birds, maybe watch a movie, go grab a bite to eat, or check your Facebook and update twitter? Well today my status updates/check-ins would have been something like this.

Checking in at E1
B14? – Bingo there’s a Starbucks
B5 was before B9
K4 Kato, watch out for Inspector Clouseau
G14; my first co-conspirator, that dude was rad
H1=Coolest peeps in Chicago
F9…disappeared, there’s not a Starbucks here.

What you say?

That I visited and took a picture at every single Starbucks in the O’Hare airport. BTW 5 of 15 is the official statistic which indicates that amazingly 1 out of 3 Starbucks employees are willing to be good sports and get their picture taken with a random bearded stranger in the Airport. Thanks to the few that were a part of my lunacy; you guys made my day! It would have been 16 total, but F9 is a dirty liar(there’s no Starbucks there). So here’s the photographic chronicles of my adventure w/ Starbucks in the O’Hare Airport. How many can you get your photo taken by during your next visit to the airport?

….maybe this’ll be the next planking ;)

Crapola, I found only too late there was an international wing with Terminal M. I have no idea how I missed it. I literally walked the entire length of the airport more than once.

Man I can't believe I missed out making it to the M wing terminal 5

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