On this day of love or day of sadness depending on your current status I wanted to revisit one of the best bands for either condition on this day. I can remember the first Copeland show I went to; it was up in Kansas City at some little crappy venue where they played with Lovedrug and Veda. This would have been during the era of their first album Beneath the Medicine Tree. I don’t remember much about the show quite honestly except for how much I was now in love with Kristen, the lead singer from Veda, when she came out and rocked the house down. The rawness of her performance meant you could tell that she wasn’t one to hold back even one ounce of energy. Back to Copeland though. They’ve been a constant companion for close to 8 years as I’ve navigated the dangerous waters of love and relationships. Allowing me to grieve, to be hopeful, to be content, just to be.

Here’s my breakdown of the Copeland albums though.

Beneath the Medicine Tree – Good for pining away or nursing a wound or shouting in defiance. There’s not a better album to accompany you through your mid 20s.
In Motion – This was a great one if you happened to be with someone. You have my attention though slow on the album was a crowd favorite in concert. When Aaron Marsh would choose to push his vocals to their edge and really, I mean truly belt this one out there then their music achieved epic status. The high that his raw falsetto imparted would last for days.
Eat, Sleep, Repeat – I’ve not really figured out where this fits in the emotional spectrum. It’s probably the album I listen to the least out of all of them. The last song features piano instead of their normal guitar driven sound and really shows the versatility of this band. It starts at a quiet and gentle ballad, adds some strings, a deep bass tone, builds up bigger and then softly closes out with just vocals at the end.
You are My Sunshine – Peaceful and content afternoons in the evening are coupled well with this album. Wasn’t sure I like this album at all when it first came out, but the DVD that came out really sells this and I this probably has uprooted Medicine Tree as my favorite Copeland album
Dressed Up and in Line – Is a mix of early songs and a couple re-releases. Not their greatest, but there are some real gems on this album and if you’re willing to wait out the hidden track there’s just about the greatest rendition of Black Hole Sun ever released. John Bucklew belting out in terrifying wavering tone and off-pitch confidence never fails to put a smile on my face. One of the few times you get to see a bit of the humor from the band break through into their music.
Know Nothing Stays the Same – If you’re feeling vintage
Sony Connect Sessions – An acoustic set for the vulnerable; very mild, but very pleasing.

Finally in the most unlikely of places you’ll find one of the most beautiful mixtures of metalcore and indie emo. Underoath released the album Their Only Chasing Safety and the very last track Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape will give you goosebumps. It can be a love song from Jesus or a confession to him of the hurt and pain. I’ve never encountered another song that could so masterfully mix these two genres.

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