Rally America – 100 Acre Woods 2012

Dad and I spent Friday and Saturday watching the Rally in the woods up near Salem Missouri. Fortunately this year there weren’t torrential rains ahead of the rally and we were able to see stages on both days…and we also didn’t break down in the Fiat this year either so that was an added bonus. My respect for Ken Block continues to increase because of his willingness to participate in this rally whenever he gets the opportunity. He may not be the best WRC rally driver, but he’s out there putting forth the effort and it makes me proud to know he’s doing it with panache and style.

We’ve also been doing a ton of work out at the property lately which has been fun on all sorts of levels. And the other day I even got to drive a big truck while helping Sesha move. How neat is that.

One thought on “Rally America – 100 Acre Woods 2012

  1. Just came across your 100AW Rally photos of our 510. i love this corner shot and you caught him doing it right. Yes later in the day he was a little over zealous and caught a root in the ditch and kissed the tree. We finished though.

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