Johnny Popper and Ms. Allis

Friday Dad and I were moving tractors around to free up some room in their carport for my newest family member Lemondrop. Amazingly enough Dad has the magical touch and we almost almost had the John Deere started just from cranking over the flywheel. Close, but no cigar though and we ended up having to pull it out with the Allis and pop the clutch while being towed to get it going. Mom was shocked, Cassie was fearfully curious and dad was pumped. I took plenty of pictures and video to document it all since this is probably the last time we’ll have her started up and running.

Download video: MP4 | Ogg | WebM

One thought on “Johnny Popper and Ms. Allis

  1. Great credits & music with it, and great job to you & Dad getting it started!!
    The astonished one,

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