Paris on Friday

I got my rail pass in today from DHL [surprising I know since it came DHL ie. the suckiest delivery service ever.] and my flight is booked for Friday from Glasgow to Paris. Once I get there I’ll be trying as best I can to get to see a bit of the 2008 Tour de France during the Pyrenees stages near Toulouse in the south of France. Then back to Paris for a few days to see the Louvre and all kinds of stuff, maybe even Jim Morrison’s grave. Finally a place that doesn’t natively speak English; now the real challenge begins.

After rewatching some of the Mute Math vlogs today I have a new favorite quote which I’ve shared below.

You can’t even fit a twizzler up there it’s so tight…and if you had one I’d eat it anyways. – Jordan (mute math roadie/merch guy)

4 thoughts on “Paris on Friday

  1. DHL has been tagged as Dumb & Hopelessly Lost by several of the folks at work. We’ll be looking for the red beard along the Pyranees route. Say hey to Inspector Clouseau.

  2. If you are going to be there for more than a day or two check to see if they still have the “orange pass” or Carte de Orange or whatever it’s called, on the subways that is. You pay a one-time fee and can ride for free with it all week, or you could in 2004. If you can find the corner, there’s a Greek sandwich shop across from the Splendid Hotel (Hotel Splended?) that is really neat and close to the Eiffel tower if you need a snack. The guys there are really friendly. The hotel is set at the crossroads of the tree-lined Avenue de Tourville and Avenue Duquesne, this Paris hotel is adjacent to the Ecole Militaire, shop is just across the street as you come out of the front door of the hotel.

  3. Eli –
    Inner calm is a rare, often unrecognized quality.

    As you can tell, we (Propps & myself) received your package today. VERY NICE! This will come in very handy when I have to do my next customer service presentation. I am glad to see that you are doing well and that you are having a good time on your journey. Keep the pictures and posts coming!


  4. Eli;

    Don’t forget while in France to spend a day at Normandy Beach – see what your grandfather’s generation went through for your freedom.

    Also, Eiffel Tower. Subway is interesting.

    If they can’t speak English, use your hands and point to pictures on menus. It worked for us.

    Doesn’t seem possible you have been in Europe for a full month now. Wow!

    You were smart to not go by sea over the English Channel. That was one of the roughest rides I have ever had.

    Have fun. Grow smart. Think of us as we are thinking of you.

    Love Grandma and Grandpa Jack

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