Paris Metro

Well the metro was about all of Paris that I got to see yesterday as I zipped back and forth trying to find a hostel that wasn’t all booked up.  After 4-5 hours of riding the rails and looking hither and yon I finally gave up and just got a hotel room. Not as pricey as Belfast, but still not what I would have preferred. I had to stay in Paris last night because the train I had hoped to catch to Toulouse was all booked up as well because of the French Holiday on the 14th. Apparently everyone in France heads south and so it’s a very busy time.  Everyone has been very nice so far and very accommodating to  English so the language barrier has been less  of a worry.  I still have my phrase book though and try as much as I can.  Today I think I will see the Eiffel Tower  and a bit of  the area since my train to Toulouse doesn’t leave until 10:30 tonight.

2 thoughts on “Paris Metro

  1. hey you.
    because i was in paris for an extended period of time, i have some less-traveled places that i highly recommend, if you have the time. the luxembourg gardens are beautiful, and i don’t think they were too terribly far from notre dame. also, the musee rodin (the guy who sculpted “le penseur” — “the thinker”) is a great place to visit, and if you like impressionist art, check out the musee d’orsay. the opera house is worth a stop just to check out the incredible, ornate architecture.

    i wish we had some extra bones saved up. we’d hop a flight and come visit you. have FUN! we love you!

  2. Please say you have the phrasebook that Amy put together for you. I am sure it will come in pretty handy:)

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