On Today’s Episode Pictorama or Pictacular, Pictacular are these words in your vernacular?

So after spending an entire day on the train I was able to work on quite a few pictures to upload to the website. It may put you on picture overload, but here they are none the less. Separated by country. I’m in Nuremburg right now, because I decided to skip Frankfurt after seeing that the only two hostels I had listed which were very close to the train station were both in the red light district and while walking to the second I was offered to come inside and see something great…no thanks Frankfurt I’ll take my chances somewhere else. I guess I’ll have to have a true Frankfurt frankfurter some other time. So back onto the train for another couple hours to Nurembourg, which so far seem very nice. If I can get Oma’s contact information I’ll try and stop by to see her while I’m here too.




And I’ll leave you today with a funny Mitch Hedberg one liner.

“My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.”

6 thoughts on “On Today’s Episode Pictorama or Pictacular, Pictacular are these words in your vernacular?

  1. Give me a call or open your email to chat because Oma would really like to visit with you if you can spare a minute in Nuremburg. She loves to go for coffee and to practice her English with young Americans. She lives on Olga Strasse either 2 or 9 and her name is Irma Nurnberger. I’ll get her phone number from Karin if your still in town. She is a lot of fun to talk to and so super nice. Just don’t compliment her on anything she owns or she will give it to you. Call or write Tess

  2. Eli: What a laugh you gave me! There was a cartoon in today’s paper I wish I could send you, but i will try to describe to you for a laugh.

    It is a picture of you, backpack on, baseball hat on backward, with your fist out to Obama (his fist is out to you) and you say to him, “Dude! I’m studying international relations abroad this summer, too!”

    What a hoot!!!!

    Enjoy Germany. There are Judy, Melanie and Christoph – Kay’s exchange student kids you could see in Germany.

    Love, Grandma

  3. Hi, I talked to Karin she will call oma in the morning (about 1pm your time). But if you want you can call earlier. Her number is 661385 if you call in Nuremburg. To get to her apartment you can take the subway I think it might be called the ubahn but I’m really iffy on that. Her stop is Schweinau, and her street is right to the side of the stairs when you exit perpendicular to Hauptfhof(sp) street. Or you guys could meet for coffee in the Aldstat (translation Old City) at one of the shops. You can call me if you need more info. 417-466-2520

  4. I would love to see all the WWII locations you’ve been to so far. Carentan, Bastogne, Normandy….. that’s a lifelong dream of mine. Looks like your having a great time! How’s the languange barrier going so far? I’ve been curious about that.

  5. Hey Eli – I have this brand new Energizer Extended battery that works for iPod and iPhone as well as other devices. I’d like to send it to you if it is something you could use. It says that it has up to 30 hrs of runtime. Charges with ac or USB. Let me know how I can get it to you if you want it.

    P.S. Enjoying the website!

  6. I love the trees!
    And I have never seen that many bikes in my life! Were there even that many at the Tour? But then I don’t relate to biking as a means of transportation, I’ve been too spoiled here.
    I hope that you have a bazillion more photos to show me when you come home because I’m loving seeing all the sights.

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