Watch out flying nuns there’s a soaring beard in the air

So I went para-sailing while I was in Gimmelwald with Matt a guy I met from Texas and it was awesome. Afterwards we met up with some friends and went out to lunch where I had my first taste of horse steak. It was actually very good though I’m sure I should be put off by it.

7 thoughts on “Watch out flying nuns there’s a soaring beard in the air

  1. That’s so awesome you got to go paragliding!!! I know I loved it when I went myself over Interlaken, ever though it wasn’t my favorite place on my trip, but the experience of sailing through the air was awesome! It amazes me that they can still fly and hold that camera out on that pole and take great pictures. I hope Israel is treating you well and I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Sonny,
    For a minute I thought you were Gimli from Lord of the Rings. It looks awesome with the wind parting your beard! Daddeeeeooo

  3. I, too, loved the image of your thick red beard blowing in the breeze!

  4. Hi! Can’t find the picture of Mike’s grandmother to hear her sing.

    You must keep up this website when you get home…more in touch than usually have in a year.

    Hope you get some weekends to look at a bunch of stuff in Israel. It is neat to walk where Jesus did. Try the dead sea – BUT DON’T put your eyes in the water!

    Grandpa Jack and I are STILL working on renovation of flooded nursing home…it has been months. Working nearly 8 hours a day for volunteering + when add both of our times together. Hoping to be done in another 10 days????

    Pray for us for strength, endurance, tolerance for some of the people we are having to deal with and that they MIGHT even try to be nice to us for all we are doing for them.

    We sure hope the senior residents will appreciate our efforts, even if the lessees not only take it for granted, but also make commands and demands. My back is acting up and both of us are just exhausted!!! Mentally, Physically and Emotionally…and it is costing us a bunch financially as well.

    Enjoy this lifetime experience you are having. I’m sure you have found that all people living in Israel aren’t religious Jews…of course, it is that way the world over.

    Take care of yourself. Will be happy for your safe return.

    Love you. Glad to follow your travels.

    Grandma and Grandpa Jack

    P.S. Janelle said on the phone today – Hi Gi Gi! I Love You! Hi Jack! (she likes to keep it short.) She and Jack had a fun time when they were over in July. We will tell you about the “tease” with Grandpa Jack when you get home.

  5. LOL. Just saw your Dad’s comment. “Gimli” was the very first thing I thought when I saw those pictures too. You totally have to do something dwarfish for Halloween/etc when you get back. At least maybe keep it going until The Hobbit comes out. Glad to see you having fun, we miss you.

  6. Love the pictures, Eli. Those are amazing. Pretty cool camera rig the dude was sporting. Your beard has grown. A LOT!

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