So now that my travels have shuffled quietly to the back of my blog I thought I’d give a short history of the site and why it exists.

I started this site back in May 2008 as I was begining to plan my world travels. At the time I was planning on traveling for 6-8 months or for that matter depending on how things went for the rest of my life. On June 1 I went in to my boss’s office and gave notice for the job that I’d grown to love over the last 6 and half years. As much as I was excited about the adventure I was setting out upon this was still very difficult. The news came as a shock to almost everyone because I’d kept things pretty hush hush during my planning. A couple weeks later I was arriving in Dublin after a very long evening and looking, well let’s just say, a bit rough. Initially I thought I’d walk the entire island of Ireland…yeah I didn’t really think that one through too much. My old room mate has done an extreme amount of hiking(3500+ miles) and I’d done some(50+) so I knew a lot of what to expect. What I didn’t expect was how much of a toll this takes on a person in a completely foreign environment with absolutely no route planned out and horribly terrible shoes for hiking. Whew the stink alone was enough to make me want to end the trip and head home right there.
Let me just say this about “travel” clothes and merino wool. Lightweight quick drying underwear=awesome, Patagonia clothing=suck, icebreaker merino wool items=suck, zip-off convertible pants/shorts=awesome, regular socks to be replaced regularly=good, I better stop here and just do a page about world travel planning tips or I could go on forever.
Quite honestly had I not had so many people so excited for me to take this trip or had I not made such a big deal about it I probably would have come home after that first week.

Being at the end of my rope when I got back into Dublin after this first horrible trek southward, the only thing I can say is that the Lord provided a new beginning. I found a much better hostel, some indian food and things began over. Ditched the idea of camping/hiking and stuck to the buses and rails from here on out. I spent the next three months skipping from country to country, meeting interesting people, seeing interesting places and really for the most part having a great time. Somewhere during the two and a half monthish mark it was pretty evident that to really enjoy endless travel you need someone to travel with. Traveling alone is great and being so introverted it’s not too bad, but being able to share with someone and have a constant travel companion I think is more important. I was beginning to really miss home, everyone from house church and old co-workers so I decided to wrap things up a bit sooner than I had planned, but in one last ditch effort to extend the trip I tried spending time on a kibbutz in Israel. It had just the opposite effect and more than ever I was ready to be off the road. So I began to make my way home again.

I won’t say I’ll never have another opportunity like this again, but it will definitely be different than the first go around. I’ll approach it older, wiser, and hopefully more travel savvy. The agenda and purpose will definitely be different. My first is what I’ve been calling a “What-if remover”. And it did exactly that. What if I’d traveled the world and decided I wanted to become a nomad forever traversing the wilds, what if I could this, what if I could that. Those questions in my mind have been answered. If you’re curious about world traveling or my experiences with it please drop me a line and I’d be glad to share more in depth of the things I encountered and experienced. 3 months isn’t as long of a trip as I’d expected to take and much shorter than some of the travelers I encountered, but it definitely gives you a taste of what you might experience.

Eli Barb

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  1. I noticed you did some work on a yugo motor swap. My father has had one in his garage sitting since 1995, when we started the motor back then it blew antifreeze all over and went right back in. In any event, folks overseas say that the yugo/fiat bolt pattern on the transmission is the same as a 1.3ltr toyota and also as certain daihatsus. Did you ever notice what size the mount was and how many bolts? I would love to drop in something other than the yugo motor but do not have much motivation to tear it down unless I have something else to mount in there. Thanx Ryan

  2. Man I wish I could tell you for sure. There’s one mount on the side of the timing belt, one that extends out from roughly below the carburetor that connects to the frame and possibly a three bolt mount off the transmission area. I don’t have either anymore or I could just go check. It seems like the Yugo had a mounting plate there on the transmission that I had to remove to go into the Fiat.

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