So rather than do a map…cause it’s a pain. I’ll just keep a running list along with a rough number of days spent there.


  • Dublin
  • Greystone x2
  • Glendalough x2
  • Dublin
  • Cork x2
  • Limerick
  • Doolin/Mohr

Northern Ireland

  • Belfast x2


  • Paisley/Glasgow x2


  • London x2


  • Paisley/Glasgow x2
  • Edinburgh x 2
  • Inverness
  • Fort Williams x2
  • Paisley/Glasgow x6


  • Paris
  • Overnight train to Toulouse
  • Toulouse
  • Overnight train to Paris
  • Paris suburbs x4
  • Paris Center x1


  • Brussels
  • Bruges x4


  • Luxembourg City


  • Nuremberg x3


  • Vienna
  • Salzburg x3


  • Luzern
  • Basel (who knew it’s not in Mexico)
  • Gimmelwald x9
  • Zurich


  • Tel Aviv x1
  • Givat Oz x16(too many)
  • Tel Aviv x2

Plane ride home

  • 18 hours?


  • Bardstown,KY x 1
  • Atlanta,GA x 2
  • Bristol,TN x1
  • Asheville,NC x1
  • Louisville,KY x1
  • Denver->through Kansas -> final dest Springfield (drove a very old fiat back from Colorado in about 18 hours of straight driving at 50-55mph)
  • Butt-nowhere’s Iowa x3
  • Chatanooga, TN x1
  • Atlanta, GA x1
  • Colorado Springs, CO x4
  • Seattle, WA x4 (picked up RubySu the Subaru)
  • Salt Lake City, UT x4 (picked up Swede Pea)
  • Houston, TX x2 (picked up Pip Squeak)

Travels continue…

High on the list; El Paso(fiat engines there), New Mexico(because it’s seems pretty dang cool), Oregon, Iowa(Chris&Kim),

One thought on “Locations

  1. If you go to New Mexico you’ll have to buy a new t-shirt. I saw one on bustedtees that I almost got for myself. New Mexico: Cleaner than regular Mexico.

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