On Today’s Episode Pictorama or Pictacular, Pictacular are these words in your vernacular?

So after spending an entire day on the train I was able to work on quite a few pictures to upload to the website. It may put you on picture overload, but here they are none the less. Separated by country. I’m in Nuremburg right now, because I decided to skip Frankfurt after seeing that the only two hostels I had listed which were very close to the train station were both in the red light district and while walking to the second I was offered to come inside and see something great…no thanks Frankfurt I’ll take my chances somewhere else. I guess I’ll have to have a true Frankfurt frankfurter some other time. So back onto the train for another couple hours to Nurembourg, which so far seem very nice. If I can get Oma’s contact information I’ll try and stop by to see her while I’m here too.




And I’ll leave you today with a funny Mitch Hedberg one liner.

“My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.”

1234… That’s the same combination of my luggage

Well it’s not quite that bad, but 0102 isn’t much better. And what is this number you ask? The code to the front door of my hostel tonight. Happy Belgian independence day by the way, living free since 1830. Tonight I’m “In Brugges” which is Dutch for flipping cool city! By far my favorite so far. Don’t know Dutch you say, or French or german? No problem because for the most part everyone is glad to speak English too. Pictures later, for know I’m biking to the sea for sunset ;P