Great old cities and sites…but the trash

Let me just say for as much as the US has a long ways to go keeping our parks and cities free of trash, I guarantee you that we are lightyears ahead of the UK and Ireland.[I won’t make judgement yet against mainland Europe since I haven’t been there yet] It’s really shocking how in every green area, in every park, on every beach, along every street I find trash strewn about. Not just a little trash either, but a lot of it. It really breaks your heart to see these great castles and old cities splendorous in their beauty defiled by careless and hardened people. Ireland by far was the worst yet, but it seems none are free of it. Maybe my eyes were closed to the fact, but I don’t think even New York City was as dirty as the places over here. So I beseech any of you to continue doing your part and in the least please pick up after yourself when out and about.

London Bridge is Falling Down

I spent a few days last week in and around London. I tried to get into Wimbledon, but I was number 9253 in the queue so I didn’t quite make it in. I also ventured up to Beaconsfield(pronounced Bekensfield) to the former home of GK Chesterton who is probably my favorite author. I’ve spent quite a bit of time here at the YWAM base camp in Scotland too hanging out with the whole crew here. Today I’ll be heading to Edinburgh to check out some of the William Wallace monument areas and also see some of the Locations that Monty Python and the Holy Grail were filmed. Interesting terminology for you London’s subway is called “The Tube”