If you’re wondering Ninja Monkey translated to German is Ninja Monkeys

I had a great time in Nuremberg the past few days. I met some really cool guys to hang out with and see the city and I was able to visit Oma too. The city has 500,000 people, but still has a bit of a small town feeling. Will and I went out and saw the old Nazi rally grounds with the colliseum and the zeppelin field and then Chris and I went to check out the Palace of Justice Court Room 600 where the Nuremburg trials were held. I went over to Oma’s yesterday and we ate and sang and talked. So Nuremberg has been a great place to meet and visit with some really fun people. Best of luck in Italy and then back in Canada to Chris and to Will with the rest of your studies in Germany. I think with the great pitch that Chris gave everyone at the hostel for Canada that I’m going to have to go up north and visit. Here’s a few pictures and also a greeting from Oma to the Spohns in Ozark.

[qt:http://travelingbeard.com/wp-content/uploads/Oma.mov http://travelingbeard.com/wp-content/uploads/oma-poster.JPG 480 240]