Welcome to all things Scottish…

A bit of the Scottish Highland games from last year just outside of Fort Williams near Ben Nevis the tallest…hill in the UK.

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It’s not a question of where he grips it! It’s a simple question of weight ratios.

So this last week I was able to do quite a bit of fun stuff. I got to visit the William Wallace monument in Stirling which is quite impressive, visited Loch Ness and most importantly I got to visit Doune Castle. Doune is basically the most complete and well preserved example of a castle in the UK. But more importantly it was home to quite a few famous events. Including the ferocious taunting of the french knights and the grail shaped beacon of castle anthrax and finally the wedding scene of the king in the swamp. Quite literally a pilgrimage for any fan or follower of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I was also able to see a fine example of the traditional Scottish Highland Games in Fort Williams. And though I don’t have any pictures of the train ride back to Glasgow let me just say it was incredible going through just a bit of the highland area.

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Great old cities and sites…but the trash

Let me just say for as much as the US has a long ways to go keeping our parks and cities free of trash, I guarantee you that we are lightyears ahead of the UK and Ireland.[I won’t make judgement yet against mainland Europe since I haven’t been there yet] It’s really shocking how in every green area, in every park, on every beach, along every street I find trash strewn about. Not just a little trash either, but a lot of it. It really breaks your heart to see these great castles and old cities splendorous in their beauty defiled by careless and hardened people. Ireland by far was the worst yet, but it seems none are free of it. Maybe my eyes were closed to the fact, but I don’t think even New York City was as dirty as the places over here. So I beseech any of you to continue doing your part and in the least please pick up after yourself when out and about.

Two real quick photos

I may be betraying my data network roots, but I had to get this one posted for the phone guys at Jack. I had to get a picture of this for you PBX guys. Aaron, Adam, and Rich don\'t hold it against me :)

And this next one is for my dad, because it’s a great pun and it’s scottish…where if it’s not scottish it’s crap!

Thought you would get a kick out of this one.

That’s it for now. On to run at St. Andrews and Doune castle(also known as Castle Antrax or the castle of our Master Louie Wampat)