So I’ve been in Switzerland now for about 6 days and I’ve got another 5 left. I’ve spent the majority of my time, what will be nine days, at a great little village in the Alps called Gimmelwald at the Mountain Hostel. There’s a saying that they have here, “If heaven isn’t what it’s cracked up to be…send me back to Gimmelwald.” That might be a slight over statement, but it is definitely a very cool place. Being here for so long it’s given me plenty of time to settle in and do a bit of cooking for my fellow hostelers. The town itself is about 130 people and it’s 4500 feet up the alps just below the Schilthorn where they filmed a James Bond Movie with Telly Sevalis. We hiked out to what’s left of a small glacier and I hiked all the way up to the hostel from Lauterbrunnen. I may go up to the Schilthorn via the gondola service and then hike down in the next few days. The hostel here is incredible. The greatest people seem to seek out Gimmelwald so I’ve had plenty of very friendly company while I’ve been here. There are people here from Canada, South Africa, Mexico, and a lot of people from all over the US. I learned how to play probably the most difficult card game I’ve ever seen called Casino, by the South African rules. I head back to Zurich on the 12th and then fly out from there on the 13th to Tel Aviv to spend 2-5 months volunteering on a kibbutz. In case you’re curious a kibbutz is a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture. So they’re basically a self sustaining community that utilizes volunteers either Israeli born or otherwise to staff the kibbutz and work various jobs that they have there. It’s pretty cool because today I met a couple of Jewish guys from Mexico who are going to be headed to do the same thing after a few of months traveling Europe.